Square Drive Flat Bugle Head Stainless 18-8 Deck Screws #6

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UnitPieces per BoxPriceDisplay NameNumber of Boxes
Box100$5.506 X 1-1/4"
Box1000$45.706 X 1-1/4"
Box5000$183.006 X 1-1/4"
Box100$6.516 X 1-1/2"
Box1000$54.356 X 1-1/2"
Box5000$217.006 X 1-1/2"
Box100$7.476 X 1-5/8"
Box1000$62.506 X 1-5/8"
Box5000$249.006 X 1-5/8"
Box100$8.226 X 2"
Box1000$69.106 X 2"
Box5000$276.006 X 2"

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