Monel 400 Threaded Nails

Made In The USA
Special Order 2 Weeks Delivery
25 lbs. Min.

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UnitPieces per BoxPriceDisplay NameQty. Per Lb.Number of Boxes
Pound25$60012 X 1-1/2"228
Pound25$60012 X 1-3/4"193
Pound25$60012 X 2"152
Pound25$60010 X 2"110
Pound25$60010X 2-1/2"94
Pound25$60010 X 3"71
Pound25$6008 X 2-1/2"52
Pound25$6008 X 3"47
Pound25$6008 X 3 1/2"44
Pound25$6006 X 3"29
Pound25$6006 X 3-1/2"25
Pound25$6006 X 4"19
Pound25$6006 X 5"15
Pound25$6004 X 6"12

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