Finishing Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish

Epifanes, the best marine finish money can buy, is favored by restorers and boat builders the
world over for this mirror like finish, super fast build, and the longest life of any varnish on the
market. Manufactured with tung oil, more ultraviolet filters than other varnishes, and urethane
resins for superior exterior protection it is simply the best finish for your wooden boat. Contains
no extra thinners-you thin it yourself for greater control. Thin the first coat 50%, the second coat,
25%, the third coat 15%, and additional coats anywhere from 0 to 7%.(If you used sealer, thin
first coat 25%.) Do not thin your last one or 2 coats. Apply 12 to 14 coats for the base coat, then
every year or two add two coats to maintain your ultra-violet protection, as this protectant is used up
by exposure to the sun. You need at least 12 coats to get a good U.V. Protection. If you try to get by
with fewer coats, you may have lifting and flaking after one summer in the sun.

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