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Sikaflex 291LOT


High quality permanent polyurethane white caulk that stretches or compresses up to 25%.
We recommend this caulk for deck seams, and bottom seams no greater than 1/8 of an inch.
Sikaflex 291LOT cures in 5 days and can be painted over.
Decks seams should be caulked after varnishing is complete.
First clean varnish out of seams, then mask off seams with 3M Fine Line Tape.
Smooth the wet caulk with a teaspoon to leave a concave surface.
Be careful with the removal of the Fine Line Tape in order to avoid a jagged edge on your seams.
Generally it is time to strip the tape from the first seam after you have finished caulking your last seam.
Do not leave tape on over night.
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